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Chris Griffin, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, CPN, Caritas Coach, Master HeartMath Trainer/ Coach 

Christine Griffin is a board certified nurse matching expertise in adult learning with a passion to heal the healers in healthcare. Chris received her nursing degree and master of nursing at Regis University and her PhD at the University of Colorado in the Caring Science track. Chris became a Caritas Coach© in 2010 and a HeartMath© trainer in 2011. She has developed resiliency curriculum, presented at national and international conferences on resiliency and offered resiliency workshops with healthcare organizations and hospitals around the country.  In her PhD program Chris studied the effects of compassion fatigue on care givers and how theory guided practices decrease burnout, mediates secondary trauma and increases compassion satisfaction for healthcare providers. Chris has a passion to help other healthcare providers build a practice of self-care and compassion through a shared narrative and experiential learning opportunities to decrease the suffering of those who are called to care for others.

Sasha Jacobs-Lowry, BSN, RN, CPN, Caritas Coach, Heartmath Trainer/Coach

Sasha has been a nurse for 13 years.  Sasha has worked in many aspects of inpatient, outpatient nursing, and safety department.  Currently, Sasha serves as a school nurse consultant to some schools and childcare's in the metro area.  Sasha became certified as a Caritas Coach, learning the methods of Jean Watson in real life application, and helping the nurses on the unit stay present with medication preparation.  Sasha focused on the connection between the humanness between patients and nurses.  Sasha then went on to become a HeartMath trainer. Sasha completed the training in HeartMath, while she was raising a 6 month old baby who had colic issues.  Sasha learned to not only use the stress management techniques at work, and also at home.  She is a wife, mother and daughter and recognizes all these things are wonderful assets, and also provide plenty of opportunities to practice stress management techniques shes learned through her training of HeartMath and Caritas. 

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