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Wild Path



Tell me what you  want       to do with your one     wild and precious life

Mary Oliver

At Rooted and Resilient 

We want to help you build An abundance of skills

Effective Energy Management

Understanding our emotional connection to stress

Evidence Based Practice and Science-HeartMath ™

Engaging the wisdom of your heart


Nurturing Your Purpose

Theory Guided Practice-Caring Science©

Knowing who you are

Connecting to your values


Flourishing with Intention

Normalizing your stress

Growth mindset

Celebrating and appreciating your story of grit


Embracing a Compassionate Community

Finding your tribe that builds you up

Figuring out how to tell your story without the gossip or negativity(weeding your garden)


Rainbow and Waterfall

Don't try to heal the world. Heal yourself so you are ready when the world needs you 

Waves on the Rocks
Facing The Storms 

Choosing to be in the storm doesn't mean the storm has to be within you 

Meditation by the Sea

Allowing the best side of you and others to find expression 

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