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Understanding how our hearts and brains are connected give us the insight to where our energy goes. We can use this to discover how to use our heart intelligence to guide our thoughts and actions, which then helps bring clarity and energy to our minds and bodies. 


It starts by asking ourselves these questions: 

  • What if we were able to choose the emotional state we function in? 

  • What if we could take back control of how our energy is spent everyday? 

  • What if we could live in a state of ease instead of fear and reactivity?

We can help you build practices that let you answer yes to each of these questions and it surprising does not take a lot of time or effort....

It Just just take a little more heart


Living within a heart centered focus 

Heart Lock ins

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The Heart Is Vast - Chris Griffin
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Finding Joy - Chris Griffin
00:00 / 00:00
Self- Compassion - Chris Griffin
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Trust - Chris Griffin
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Gratitude in Enexpected Places - Sasha Jacobs-Lowry
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Gifts of Love - Sasha Jacobs-Lowry
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