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The theory guided practices found within Caring Science can offer new ways of being and becoming that start a path towards wholeness as a caring human and a care provider. 

We can help honor the complexities you face and explore what you need to flourish. 

It starts with the belief that no one should suffer because they choose to care for others or feel dehumanized when they struggle with caring for self or others. 

The Caring Science practice we focus on are building compassion as a consciousness, being and becoming the healing environment, learning how to live within transpersonal care and honor the ethics and sacredness of being a care giver.  

Caring Science 

Caring Science does not ask that you change who you are, it invites you to become fully who you are meant to be, so you have the capacity to answer your calling as a compassionate and caring person.

Compassion as a Consciousness

Becoming the Healing Environment 

Transpersonal Care 

Ethics of


Essential Practices of Caring Science 

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